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Last Paragraph of the Epilogue:

Ten years ago, I visited my sons’ school for Halloween and played clips from 1930s horror movies. The next year I returned and did the same for 1940s movies. The children loved them all. Both times I felt through them the same excitement that I knew at their age, the sense of discovery and wonder. But never on a single afternoon, never with the ability to pluck out the memorable scenes and fast forward over the rest. Growing up a monster-boomer took patience and dedication, and left me with a mythology: a dark one perhaps, but as rich and meaningful as any yet disclosed to us mere mortals.

The Mythology & History of Classic Horror Films
Table of Contents

Once Upon A Midnight Dreary

The Dracula That Never Ends

Makers Of Monsters, Makers of Men
Universal Studios, Summer of 1931

What Good Is A Brain Without Eyes To See?
The Brain of the Monster, The Mind of the Doctor

The Naked Soul Of Man
Henry Jekyll & Lawrence Talbot

Are We Not Men?
The Evolution of Darwin in Hollywood

The Dread Of Something After Death
The Early Horrors of Lionel Atwill

Moments of Horror, An Eternity Of Love
The Tragedy of Im-Ho-Tep & The Triumph of Kharis

Horrors Unseen
Power, Madness, Class Struggle & The Invisible Man

Poe Only Conceived It
Karloff & Lugosi at Universal, 1934-1935

Angel Or Father? Friend Or Phantom?

Svengali The Forgotten Monster

Monstrous Ambition
The Horror Adventures of Merian C. Cooper

“H” Is For “Horrific”
The British “Ban” On Horror Films Of 1936

The Vampire Strikes Back!