Cult Movies Press is owned and operated by Linda & Frank Dello Stritto. CMP publishes quality hard-cover books of Frank’s writings on classic horror films. Our two books to date are Vampire Over London – Bela Lugosi in Britain (co-authored with Andi Brooks) and A Quaint & Curious Volume of Forgotten Lore – The History & Mythology of Classic Horror Films.

Frank is best known to film fans and scholars through his books and his frequent contributions to Cult Movies Magazine. Frank has written chapters in Bob Brier’s Egyptian Mummies, Bob Madison’s Dracula – The First 100 Years, Gary Don Rhodes’ Lugosi, and appears in Rhodes’ video: Lugosi – Hollywood’s Dracula. The transcript of his talk at the 1997 Dracula Centennial Conference in Los Angeles was published in Cult Movies as The Lugosi Curse. Frank remains a contributor to Cult Movies, as book reviewer and author of a regular column, Confessions of a Monster Boomer. Frank and Linda live in Houston, Texas.

Andi Brooks lives in Bath, England with his wife and daughter and his twin passions of music and vintage cinema. He has contributed articles on both subjects to publications as diverse as Cult Movies Magazine, Scary Monsters Magazine, Killing Moon, Bits and Pieces, We’re Fully Aware We’re Disposable, and Monika. He has promoted live and recorded rock music, enjoyed a stint as a nightclub DJ, and performed in his own bands.

Andi began researching Bela Lugosi’s time in Britain in the early 1990s. In 1995 Frank contacted him after reading one of Andi’s many letters of inquiry about Lugosi in a fan magazine. When Frank moved to Scotland in 1997, he and Andi began the systematic investigation into Bela’s three periods in Britain. As of August 2004, the two co-authors have yet to actually meet.

Original cover and dust-jacket art for both of CMP’s books is by Massachusetts artist and film-maker, Haig Demarjian. Haig has done many works based on classic horror films, particularly his and Frank’s personal favorite, Bela Lugosi. Haig is currently completing his first feature film, Die You Zombie Bastards! Learn more of Haig’s art at

CMP has no formal business ties to Cult Movies Magazine, but the fine folks who run the magazine are our buddies and have always been helpful. Here’s a link to their website: