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The CMP Horror Trilogy is the tri-angulated crossfire of movie fandom: history, analysis and memoir. Vampire Over London is a superb account of an overlooked year in Bela Lugosi’s career. A Quaint & Curious Volume of Forgotten Lore delves into the onscreen and offscreen mysteries in classic horror films. I Saw What I Saw When I Saw It recounts growing up with and discovering classic movies. These three books capture the magic of the films, and why they will always be loved and will never be forgotten.

–       Mike Copner, Editor, Cult Movies Magazine

Together for the first time: Vampire Over London – Bela Lugosi in Britain (2nd Edition), A Quaint & Curious Volume of Forgotten Lore – The History & Mythology of Classic Horror Films and I Saw What I Saw When I Saw It – Growing Up in the 1950s & 1960s with Television Reruns & Old Movies (each available separately) in a collector’s boxed set. Each book and the box are numbered and autographed by the author. The box is beautifully designed and contains delightful “Easter eggs” of hidden treasures for those who unfold it. Vampire Over London – Bela Lugosi in Britain covers the untold tale of Lugosi’s 1951 Dracula stage tour across Britain. That tour, like the three films Lugosi made in Britain in 1935, 1939 and 1951, is often overlooked in his life’s story. This book tells the full story at last, and adds to a legacy unmatched in Hollywood history. A Quaint & Curious Volume of Forgotten Lore delves into what in on the screen and just behind it in classic horror films. To their young audiences, they were more than entertainment. The multi-film sagas formed a new mythology, almost unwittingly created in the 1930s & 1940s, almost accidentally rediscovered in the 1950s & 1960s, and today more powerful and poignant than ever. I Saw Was What I Saw When I Saw It is a memoir of growing up in New Jersey in the post-World War II era. Television aired old movies, and the local movie theatre played matinees aimed at young boys. Frank’s Saturday afternoons became a war between watching old movies on TV and going to new movies at the Lincoln Theatre. Horror movies most attracted him. TV helped with The Twilight Zone, One Step Beyond, Thriller and Outer Limits. Seeing Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein made Frank a dedicated “Monster Boomer,” one of his generation fascinated with old horror films.

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