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Last Paragraph of the Epilogue:

If I had to relive my childhood, I would probably force myself to watch less television and read more. Maybe to spend fewer Saturdays at the movies. Since childhood I have gotten out a lot: lived in five different countries and visited a few dozen others, spent six months on a freighter, and five months on an Arctic ice island. Looks okay on a resumé, but the best summation of my life is that “I saw what I saw when I saw it.”

Growing Up in the 1950s & 1960s
With Television Reruns & Old Movies
Table of Contents

Lead Us Not Into Penn Station

Book 1: The TV Is On & So Am I
My Family, My TV
First, A Little History— Part 1
Kids’ TV
First Heroes
First Movies
My World Dies Screaming

Book 2: What Channels Do They Get Out Here?
Semi-Smart In Semi-Suburbia
First, A Little History—Part 2
Abbott & Costello Take Me To The Movies
Saturday Afternoons At The Lincoln
Mortality Bites
Saturday Afternoons At The TV
The Whole World Dies Screaming – Almost

Book 3: Is There Life After 10:00 PM?
The Pit of Man’s Fears, The Summit of His Knowledge
First, A Little History—Part 3
As Sure As My Name is Boris Karloff
The Summer of 1961
Not Quite In The Belly of The Beast
The Awe & Mystery That Reaches From The Inner Mind
Requiem For A Heavyweight

Book 4: Confessions of a Monster Boomer
Abbott & Costello Make Me A Monster Boomer
First, A Little History—Part 4
Baby Steps Into The World Of Monsters
Schlock & Obsession
Schlock & Art
Makers of Myth
The Lost Boy
A Chameleon’s Song
The Hunt For Stray Classics
Afternoons of Lost Souls

Book 5: My Search for Bela Lugosi
First, A Little History—Part 5
Aisle of Lost Souls
Saturday’s Vampires
The Literature of Bela Lugosi—Part 1
Sunday’s Graverobbers
Dark Eyes Over Lugosi
Monday’s Madmen
The Woman
The Literature of Bela Lugosi—Part 2
Into The Holiest of Unholies

There’s Nobody to Frighten Us Anymore