A Warewolf Remembers

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Last Paragraphs of the Epilogue:

I deposited Lawrence Talbot’s journals and my own records of his life with the TMA in July 2016. Before leaving I took a last hike to the crevices north of Llanwelly, where Talbot alleged that he met The Dark One. The hike is not an easy one, and I will not be taking it again. The crevices are as imposing now as in 1946, and still occasionally claim the lives of careless tourists. On my return to the village, I passed the remains of the small chapel where Talbot last met his trusted servant, Wilton. The nearby cemetery, where Talbot’s mother is buried, is unrecognizable as anything but a flat field of tall grass. I found no villagers who know anything about the cemetery, but they told that the field is haunted.

Haunted too is the old Llanwelly cemetery. What Talbot knew as the cemetery is now called “the old part.” For more than 50 years, burials of Llanwellians have been in the west “new part,” and that is the only area that the locals visit.

The old cemetery has fallen into disrepair, no part more so than the Talbot Mausoleum. When Talbot last saw the structure in 1946, it was crumbling, and its disintegration continued over the years. The fine ladies of the Talbot Museum & Archive, so protective of all things Talbot, show no interest in the family’s final resting place.

Eventually, what could be found of the bodies of the Talbots—little more than dust—was removed and reburied in ‘the new part.” No names on those new graves, just a small area called “The Talbot Patch.” No one knows what became of the sarcophagus where Talbot claimed that his body lay for four years while he was in The Deep Darkness. Nor are the whereabouts of the fine sarcophagus directly beneath it—where Sir John Talbot entombed his first wife, Heather Hammond—known. These pieces of fine carved stone probably found their way to collectors.

The mausoleum structure was demolished some decades ago. Only a partial wall and doorway remain.

Before leaving, I looked for the old stone marker that once stood at the entrance of the cemetery. No trace of it remains. Lawrence Talbot first saw it at age 9, and mentions it in his journal:


Maybe, like the Talbot Mausoleum, the marker simply fell to time, the elements, or a scavenger. Perhaps it was intentionally removed, for the village elders—like the fine ladies of the TMA—may know that not all the dead of Llanwelly are at rest.

The Testament of Lawrence Stewart Talbot
Table of Contents

Editor’s Preface

Talbot’s Testament 1
New Moon

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The Talbots of Llanwelly

Talbot’s Testament 2
Moon Flower

Talbot’s Testament 3
Traveler’s Moon

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The Talbots of America

Talbot’s Testament 4
River Moon

Talbot’s Testament 5
Trapper’s Moon

Talbot’s Testament 6
Hunter’s Moon

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The Death of Two Dreams

Talbot’s Testament 7
Mourning Moon

Talbot’s Testament 8
Gypsy Moon

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The Gypsies of Llanwelly

Talbot’s Testament 9
Baptismal Moon

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The Werewolves of Llanwelly

Talbot’s Testament 10
Destiny’s Moon

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Aftermath I

Talbot’s Testament 11
The First Eclipse

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Llanwelly & Cardiff, December 1918

Talbot’s Testament 12
Resurrection Moon

Talbot’s Testament 13
Wanderer’s Moon

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The Science of Lycanthropia

Talbot’s Testament 14
Scholar’s Moon

Talbot’s Testament 15
Restless Moon

Talbot’s Testament 16
The Second Eclipse

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Aftermath II

Talbot’s Testament 17
Monster Moon

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The Wizards of Goldstadt

Talbot’s Testament 18
Traitor’s Moon

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Aftermath III

Talbot’s Testament 19
The Third Eclipse

Talbot’s Testament 20
Lover’s Moon

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Aftermath IV

Talbot’s Testament 21
The Fourth Eclipse

Talbot’s Testament 22
Redemption Moon

Talbot’s Testament 23
Homecoming Moon

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Miliza Morelle

Talbot’s Testament 24
Heartbreak Moon

Talbot’s Testament 25
Vengeance Moon

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Selene Stewart Talbot

Talbot’s Testament 26
Survivor’s Moon

Talbot’s Testament 27
Sage Moon

 Talbot’s Testament 28
Tracker’s Moon

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La Mirada, Florida, February 1948

 Talbot’s Testament 29
Impatient Moon

Talbot’s Testament 30
Party Moon

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Crime Scene

The Last Full Moon, The Final Eclipse

May They Live Eternally

Cast of Characters

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